About Brewco

The Brewco Team – Experience Matters The Most

Let’s face it...today’s sawmilling industry is no different than what was done hundreds of years ago, with a few exceptions. We’re still moving wood around from one place to another, but we’re just doing it faster and with more efficiency. Our primary goal is to make sure that there are no hangups in your wood flow. We go to great lengths to design a mill flow that is efficient and has no bottlenecks.

Dealing with BREWCO is quite different than what you may be used to. We will design a preliminary work flow and work with you to hone this down to a mill design that will work...or we won’t build it. Once we all agree on a design and we all (including you) feel comfortable with it, we will schedule a visit to your mill to take measurements of your existing equipment and your building, and confirm that what we’ve designed on paper is what you have "in the real world". Trust us – it’s much easier and cheaper to make changes on paper than on site when the equipment is installed.

At first look we may seem more expensive than our competitors. That’s because we’ve included EVERYTHING it takes to make a system work. All the starters, hydraulic motors, PLC’s, and necessary controls to effectively move wood. But, if you compare an entire mill flow with everything included, you will be pleasantly surprised that we’re actually less expensive.


Sometimes The Best Answer Is "I don’t know, but I’ll find out"

Beware of the "Yes Man". He’s the guy that agrees with everything you say just to sell you something. He’s the guy that makes-up answers just to avoid feeling foolish. He’s also the guy you will regret ever meeting because he wrongly told you "don’t worry, it will work". We’re not like that. We have no problem admitting we may not know something. But we have the staff that does know, and we’ll find out the answer for you. In the end, we feel you will respect us more by not claiming to know it all, but having the humility to admit it and the desire to find out...together. Always remember, we’re in it for the long haul. We want to form a working relationship with you so that 10 years from now you will only deal with us because you’ve seen that we have your best intentions at heart.

Experience does matter the most. That’s why our staff is made up of sawmillers, engineers, electricians, programmers, and people that were raised in this industry. This didn’t happen by accident.  We’ve surrounded ourselves with the best in the industry. Rest assured that what you get from BREWCO will work, and it will make you money.

The founder of our company has always told us..."it doesn’t matter how good your saw is, if you cant move wood into it and out of it effectively, it ain’t worth a nickel". That is the very reason why we aren’t afraid to tell a customer "it won’t work like that". We’d much rather tell a customer the truth than to nod our heads "yes" and give you a false sense of confidence just to sell you some equipment. Once you get a mill installed and it does not work you are the one that has to live with it. If that happens, you’ll either spend your hard-earned money working on it all the time or have to hire extra help just to reduce jam-ups. Worse yet, it could put you out of business. We simply don’t want that on our conscience.