Brewco Announces the All-New Big Jake 6000

Central City, KY—Brewco Inc., headquartered here has announced the recent completion and shipment of the Big Jake 6000 Sharp Chain Scragg System to Charles City Timber and Mat, Inc. located in Enfield, NC.  


The Big Jake 6000 is the latest generation scragg system based upon the Big Jake 4000 from the former Timberland Machinery.  Brewco Inc. purchased the manufacturing rights to the Big Jake Scragg line in August of 2015.  Since then, Brewco personnel have visited and interviewed Big Jake owners in order to discover what they liked about their Big Jake Scraggs and what improvements and refinements should be made.  From those interviews Brewco was able to implement many improvements into this classic scragg, noteably structural improvements to make the system more durable.  Brewco was able to perform structural analysis on the design by utilizing Solidworks® 3D CAD software.  


This newest generation scragg system, the Big Jake 6000 is designed to handle logs from 8’ to 20’ in length.  In order to facilitate the long log length, this system is over 120’ long.  This long length required it to be manufactured in seven different and distinct sections.  Once the system’s fabrication was completed, it was set up at Brewco’s headquarters and assembled and tested with logs in order to minimize troubleshooting at start-up at the customer’s site.


All of the automation of the various functions of the Big Jake 6000 was designed and the PLC coding was written in-house by Brewco’s Automation Engineer by following the original Big Jake software protocols.  The setworks allows the operator to measure the log diameter and enter a cut value into the first set of circle saws.  After the log is rolled and set on the sharp chain, the computer system takes over and automates the rest of the processes throughout the system.  Both the front set of circle saws and the back set of circle saws allow for cut sets from 6” to 16”.  Once the log is cut by the first set of saws a two-sided cant is produced.  This two-sided cant is moved downstream and automatically turned 90 degrees, then centered, clamped, and scanned.  From there, the second set of circle saws is automatically set based upon the width.  Once the saws are set, the cant is released and made into a four-sided cant.


The customer, Charles City Timber and Mat, Inc. owns a Big Jake 4000 Scragg System at its other facility in Providence Forge, VA.  The location of the Big Jake 6000 in Enfield, NC is a completely new mill for Charles City Timber and Mat.  Patrick Evelyn, president of Charles City Timber and Mat states “As I observed the five tractor trailers being unloaded here with my new Big Jake 6000 I was immediately impressed.  I could not believe how much beefier and heavier this system is.  I know how great my 4000 is, I cannot wait to get my 6000 in place and up and running.  This is my first time working with the folks at Brewco so I was a little apprehensive.  But from how well they communicated and interacted with me, what I’ve heard from other Brewco customers, and from what I’ve seen with my own eyes, I already know this is the best decision I’ve ever made”.