Introducing the Brewco 4-inch Resaw System

South Tamworth, NH--Kennebec Lumber Company changed their Brewco B-1600 Grade Resaw from the 2" band to a 4" band.  Sawing 100% Hard Maple, they wanted a higher line count.  Since one of their other mills in Maine has a vertical linebar, they have something to directly compare their 4" Brewco to.  What they were most surprised to see was that their line count is slightly higher on the Brewco.  Too, their cost per line is much less due to less expensive bands, filing and benching, and less horsepower.

Mark Gilbert, Director of Operations for the Kennebec Lumber Companies states that "Our Brewco has done such a great job that we are adding one to a sawmill we recently purchased.  I am pleasantly surprised to see that our Brewco is more accurate than our linebar.  I am quite sure this is due to the Brewco being a horizontal saw as compared to our vertical linebar. Gravity works in our favor with the horizontal.  I can say that our linebar days are over with".