B-1600 Grade Run-Around System-2” Band

Thin-Kerf and NO Filing Room

We pioneered the technique of sawing grade lumber using a 2" wide band.  A 2" wide band is the widest band blade available that does not require the need for an expensive filing room.

If you are sawing for grade using only a circle saw, you are missing out on another 20% more lumber and at least 15% more of the upper grades (FAS & 1Face).  With the upper grades now selling for almost twice the price of lower grades this is even more important.  The truth is, you are already paying for a Brewco since this extra 20% yield is going up your sawdust chute and not down your green chain.

There's never been nor ever will be a better time to invest in the ONLY piece of equipment that will INSTANTLY get you more yield.  As a good customer of ours once said, "Good Times or Bad Times, 20% More Lumber IS 20% More Lumber".  What are you waiting for?  Call us today and be sawing tomorrow!

Product Specifications


Brewco B-1600 Grade Run-Around System with 2” Band


System Capacity

System built to accommodate 16” x 16” x 8’-16’ long material

Longer length capacities are available as an option


49’ x 18’ with two 5-strand chain crossovers

Cant Turner

System includes cant turner built into crossover for continuous feed operation

The operator has just enough time to turn EACH cant to get the best face and keep the system butt-fed for maximum production

Feed Speed

Feed Speed automatically adjusted based upon cant width

This keeps the operator focused on one thing…  turning each cant to get the best face


50Hp Hydraulic Unit with 110 gallon reservoir, completely pre-plumbed

This is custom-designed to operate all the functions of the system

Outfeed Separator

5-Way Board Separator
1) Sends board to green chain, returns cant
2) Sends board to edgers, returns cant
3) Sends board and cant to edger
4) Returns board and cant
5) Exits board and cant

Simple, Fast, Durable

Return Separator

3-Way Separator
1) Returns cant to turning area
2) Sends cant to storage deck
3) Loads new cant from storage deck

This gives you the option of loading onto the Brewco from several different locations