Double-End Trim Saw

Fast Set Changes & Precise Control

The Brewco Double-End Trim Saw is fast and precise.  Programmable setpoints with manual over-ride and jog in/out controls.  Super-fast set changes at any length between 6' and 16'.  And, with the self-centering center support, longer length boards do not sag in the middle.  This trimmer is easy to program and easy to operate...  A Must For Your Mill.

Double-End Trim Saw
Double-End Trim Saw
Double-End Trim Saw
Double-End Trim Saw

Product Specifications


Double-End Trim Saw


(2) 10 HP high efficiency direct drive arbor motors


(2) 28” diameter circular saws

Cutting Capacity

Will trim boards from 6’ - 16’ up to 7” thick

Hold Down System

(2) Heavy-duty safety hold-down and blade guards

Set Works

- Automatic computer set works for sets from 6’ - 16’ up in 1” increments
- Includes manual override buttons